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As we approach 2021, we have updated our research agenda. This agenda is based on two years of discovery in areas related to supply chain management and software. While it is important to have a strong focus on technology, we decided to re-baseline around fundamentals of company market performance and its relationship to supply chain excellence. This led to the idea of the supply chain as a profit center, versus the historical cost-center. There is much more work to be done, but we believe that those companies that manage their supply chains as profit centers significantly outperform companies that take an historical cost focus. With this as a backdrop, our research agenda for the next several years will be focused on the following areas:

1. Market performance and supply chain excellence

2. Industry-by-industry analysis

3. Key ingredients necessary for excellence 

Our preliminary findings yield some obvious insights, but also some counter-intuitive insights that may be very helpful to those in the field. Some of these early findings are included in the Industrials industry report, which was published in October. We endeavor to drive deeper insights off of the analysis work; the initial broad cross-industry insights will be available in early Q2, 2021. Industries covered by the research can be found here

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