A note from the CEO

Welcome to Worldlocity! We are on a journey and we are excited about working and collaborating with you. We love understanding how the world works and how it could work better. We have a deep appreciation for history - particularly the past 20,000 years of human history. We also love business history, whether it's Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Alfred Sloan, JP Morgan, Jack Welch, or Jeff Bezos. However, we also understand that this is just a small blip in the history of humankind. 

We believe supply chains and supply chain management can improve the lives of the 7.4B humans who currently inhabit our planet Earth. We also believe that supply chains and their proper management are critical to ensuring that we manage our Planet's resources in a way that protects the Earth so that it can continue to create wealth for future humans. We are optimistic and realistic. We enjoy the company of people who are a lot smarter than we are and those who have different perspectives and backgrounds. We want to learn from you. 

I hope you enjoy our website and its contents. If there are particular areas that you would like us to explore, please let us know


Kelly J. Thomas

CEO, Worldlocity