Software Report, Version 2019-2

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

The latest version (2019-2) of the Worldlocity software report is available for download. Curiosity about the operational dynamics of software companies led to the creation of the initial report in 2018. Improvements were made in January of this year with the publishing of version 2019-1, which is based on fiscal year results and market valuations as of January, 2019.

Version 2019-2 provides an update based on fiscal year results and market valuations available in June, 2019. Errors found in previous versions have also been corrected. The latest version also updates the company data set; fourteen companies have been added and twelve companies have been removed. Of the fourteen companies added, six were the result of IPOs in the past year. Of the twelve companies removed, seven were the result of being taken private. The new data set now contains 119 companies with market valuations greater than $500M.

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Download the report here.